development diary

The world is burning while I'm stuck living in my mother's house in Washington. Didn't see this coming for a long ways. Wanted to write down some things anyway, even though they are quickly becoming less relevant given the state of the planet.

My brain has changed (in a good way) since I first started writing these. Thing don't seem to move around on their own anymore, which is nice. I mean things don't start or stop working magically all on their own. It's interesting... there's a pop culture trope about programmers being smart, but i don't think that's true after spending some time programming with a brain injury. It's more about having the right disposition so that you can do this kind of work and enjoy it.

I've been diverted from ssb stuff lately. I have been instead making a website for my friend jessica. It started as a personal website but now is a store for vhs tapes. I'm still able to do it all "serverless" using netlify because I found a DB called fauna that works in this model. If there were a service that offered a pre-built shopping cart I would use that, but as far as i can tell they don't exist. One of the requirements that makes it interesting is that the cost of hosting should be 0, which it is for now using fauna and netlify and netlify CMS.

Also eventual-gram, the photo app, has worked IRL. Someone posted some pictures in san Francisco and I saw them here in Washington. All using the existing pub infrastructure.

Some things to do sometime