development diary

Haven't done any work on the ssb/photo sharing app ( ) for a while. I've been distracted by making a store that sells vhs tapes on the internet. It's called whammy analog and it's kind of fun to make because the cool thing about it is that I'm sticking to a buget of $0. We're using netlify for hosting and square for the payment processor & inventory CMS. Originally I was trying to making it all more 'from scratch' by using netlify & faunaDB as the CMS/inventory tracker, with stripe as a payment processor. Then i found out that square has already built all those things for me. The one tricky part now is finding out how to apply a shipping cost to an order. There doesn't seem to be any docs about it weirdly.

Hmm I suppose that's all I've been doing lately. I feel like there should be more to talk about for some reason. On the horizon there is