development diary

Saw a nice episode of speakeasy js , in which rod vagg discusses some basics of content addressed blobs.

Also, have finished my website, which uses ssb as a content source, and renders the html with hyperstream.

I was thinking while making this that it would be good to query by both userID and and post type, which interestingly I don't see a way to do with the existing API. But maybe it's not necessary. So far doing the query by userID, and then using pull.filter to filter the results has been adequate. It's kind of an interesting rabbit hole, how to do efficient queries when you already have 2 materialized views. I think your query would be items that are in both the userID results and the .type results.

Another question is how to do hash tags in ssb. I discovered the plugin scuttle-tag , which seems appropriate. Also discovered ssb-conn, which i think phases out the gossip plugin.