development diary

Just got back from camping. Haven't done much devloping I think since the last diary entry. Not sure if I wrote about it last time, but i think i finished the website for now. It's nice because I used ssb as a content source for part of it. ssb really is a nice general use of the merkle dag. like git but for arbitrary data, and with an easily replicable identity structure built in. Have been thinking it would be cool to make the ssb photo app more real, with a built-in preliminary pub that I host, and a web interface (kind of like how github is a web interface for git).

Now i have to start actually looking for a job now that the website is more or less done. Preferably something in europe or south america or something. Anywhere more stable than here at least.

The dev-diary does feel more trivial now that I'm living through an apocalypse. During the drive back to civilization it was a lot of talk about how we need to find a new country to live in b/c this one has gone bad. You know, the usual. I saw @Rabble mentioned on twitter moving to I think Uruguay? Ever since then I've had that idea in the back of my mind.

I recently lost most of my memories, so it's funny when one resurfaces. During the drive I was thinking about ssb, and this story @Dominic told about cryptography came back — the public/private keys being like the story cinderella . Aside from that there is the anecdote about just how new of a field cryptography is. The merkle-dag & public/private keys (blockchain) seem like an obvious application in retrospect, but it's just being developed right now.