development diary


Thinking about how replication works now. The protocol guide is pretty helpful. One sbot creates an RPC connection to the other, and calls createHistoryStream for every feed that they follow. I still don't understand how permissions work for the RPC calls however. Maybe it's in the protocol guide too.

This comes from a context of thinking about what a re-implementation of ssb would be like, so that it is more like git & github. Meaning you have a more traditional client & server structure. It's kind of like pubs now. But what would it look like just doing http calls instead of RPC over TCP?

Have been playing with making a flumeView for tags also. The existing tag structure feels kind of weird to me. it is a tag object, which has no data really, it's just an object. Then you publish an about message that names the tag, then you can apply the tag to messages. I'm trying to re-do it so that the name is part of the tag object (you can't re-name tags in this structure). So you have a flumeview that is a map of tag names that points at a list of messages. Updated the field-guide with some stuff too.

    name: [msgID]