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special bonus edition re: radicle

Read about radicle today. A nice article

From the article:

Radicle Link extends Git with peer-to-peer network discovery. Taking inspiration from Secure Scuttlebutt,

Which is ironic, because I thought peer discovery was the weak point in the ssb system. It depends heavily on pub servers, and maintains a simple list of peer (server) addresses to try to connect to. Which is not to be critical of the way ssb works, it's kind of just an insurmountable obstacle — peer connections over the internet.

What is radicle?

returning to a fully distributed model

It seems that radicle uses a 'local-first' approach with issues/project metadata in addition to the source code (git files).

Ironically I heard about radicle on twitter (the opposite of decentralized) from the person @Kira I think.

I don't think I've done anything substantial lately. I was thinking that eventual-gram is more or less 'done' now. I need to do a couple things so it's more usable then it's time to set it free.

Also read about gemini and agregore browsers. It seems like people are fond of using dat now. I think beaker has built in dat also.