development diary



Found cypher-net, and old dominic project.

Watched an old video -- 2013 Realtime Conf. git replication -- group the hashes into common prefixes, and then hash each group. That way you can tell if any of the groups contains a change, so it's more efficient to replicate.

Can't get the tags to work on the main ssb network. It returns undefined or something like that. The new plan is to write things in this readme and then parse the markdown and write it to the website, and copy paste to ssb. I guess i could also just get a stream of this feed, which is mostly development logs.

I feel like I haven't gotten too much done this week. I applied for a job. It's at some kind of local dev shop here in bellingham weirldy. So that will be nice if that works out and I can move back to california. Otherwise just kind of poked around with things. Some ssc stuff.

ssc is what i've called the next project btw. it a 'pub', but made with unique code (it's not a regular ssb peer). ssc is like ssb but newer because c comes after b in the alphabet. Its ssb, but run with contemporary things -- put it on netlify, use faunaDB for storage, lambda functions. It's not any less decentralized than the current system with pubs sort of, but it uses more boring stuff -- no webscokets or RPC. The part that might be less decentralized is that it is different code than the 'client' apps. Also have to use a different network b/c it uses different protocols.