⚠️ note — this is not ready to use yet

This is your public key


This is your private key


Your private key will never be shown again. Every time you refresh this page, a new keypair will be generated. You can copy and paste the given private key into the netlify form, in the "secret key" field after clicking the "deploy to netlify" button above.

Clicking 'deploy to netlify' above will deploy your own backend to store photographs, and also serve as a social network.

You will need to sign up for several web services in order to do this. You will need an account on github and netlify for the web hosting, and you will need to visit faunaDB and cloudinary, which will save the content for your web app. All these services have free tiers of pricing, so it will cost nothing and not require a credit card to start with.

After you click the 'deploy' button above, it will take you to a webpage that asks you to input a secret key for each of those — fauna & cloudinary. So after you have created the accounts, be sure to keep the pages open so you can copy and paste a secret key for each.

Also during this process we create a keypair for your new server. Since it is important to keep your secret key actually secret, the secret key is created in your browser, and will never appear in any logs in netlify. It is copy and pasted as an environment variable in your server, so it is persistent but still secret.


So that's all well and good, but how do I update my deployed server with any new stuff that is made?

In the terminal, first clone your own github repo, then from that directory, add my repo as a remote

git remote add upstream [email protected]:nichoth/ssc-server.git

Then you want to pull the changes from my repo —

git pull upstream main

and merge them into your main branch, then push that to your github remote.

git push