development diary

Working is funny lately because it definitely has not been fun. I have memories of working on things just because it's fun, with no thought about it being useful or good. But i guess a part of devloping is that you want it to be boring. Right? that's the part that we were always working towards. When you could just do things without thinking about it too much.

Have been doing a lot of 'client work' lately. I say client work because it's mundane, but it's really just doing things for friends for free. A new version of the mushroom website -- . I don't know how i feel about the new version. There's more going on in the navigation than in the previous version, so i think it could be needlessly more complex. Also a very early version of a website for cory in the death doula world -- .

The good news is that i may soon actually get to work on my own project again -- .