development diary



installable PWA

How to make a PWA installable

1 minute


A list of databases, and some notes

3 minutes

ssb docs

Compiling a list of ssb-related docs

2 minutes

ucan demo

A demonstration of using UCANs for an invitation-only web app

1 minute

web three list

Writing down various links to "web3" projects

1 minute


Trying webrtc-swarm and signalhub for p2p

1 minute

ssb permissions

A bit of info about secret-stack permissions

1 minute

notes on github actions

Finally learning syntax for github actions

1 minute

fission chat

copy-and-pasted notes via fission discord

11 minutes


Writing down various nodes and what they do

2 minutes

notes about fission

some questions

1 minute

discussion — fission + ipfs

Talking about ipfs & webnative

6 minutes

dev environment

Documenting how I do things

7 minutes

ssb field guide

A field guide to developing with ssb

9 minutes

eventual gram

I developed a photo-sharing web app using the decentralized protocol secure-scuttlebutt (SSB)

1 minute

preact + ssr + client-side routing

An example demonstrating preact, server-side rendering, & client-side routing

3 minutes


A tool that streams posts from an SSB log so you can easily create HTML from them

1 minute

ssc server

a decentralized server for images

1 minute


This is several in-memory functions for working with a merkle-dag, a completely generic API for a merkle-list. Thus to better "separate policy from mechanism"

1 minute