You can purchase these on the internet.

I made these postcards in the past when I was a student. I worked in a photo studio/laboratory at the time, and this was a fun way to pass the time, printing silly postcards on the fancy photo printers. I noticed that people enjoy them.

On one hand this was kind of interesting just to see what it's like for a regular civilian (non computer person) to create an NFT. The thing that surprised me is how much trust is involved in the trustless ecosystem. This is coming from someone who read and appreciated Moxie's article

People are trusting me to not change a URL. And the whole thing feels very early internet, if that's a thing. I made some HTML for each NFT more or less by hand, and it is hosted on my "personal web page".

If you want, I can send a real, physical copy of the postcard to you in the mail.

I want to write more details about my motivation here. As a US citizen who is now without employment, healthcare is not so easy to get. My partner person, for example, has a very serious TMJ condition that even most insurance, if you do have it, simply does not cover. They have what is called a "TMJ exclusion", which means they wont help you with it at all. So the long story is that I just need money to pay for our lives, and this is me being desperate with how to get ahold of it. Sorry it's dark, but that should be ok since this is the monologue.

Most NFTs I've seen seem to be computer-generated avatar-like things. Which is kind of interesting because the artwork is more the fact that someone with money thinks it's cool to spend it frivolously than the picture itself… I could think about that too much; I'm a former art major, etc

It also was notable how divorced the whole process was from the idea of keys as identity. I thought the whole idea here is that this is like an artist's signature, made with a keypair. But if there is nothing linking a given keypair to an identity, what is the purpose? It feels like there needs to be something linking keys to the greater world.

Things you find on the ground when you're walking to work in the morning

You can purchase these on the internet.

This is another series of photographs, inspired by the things i would find on the ground when I was walking to work in the morning. These were all made with a 4 × 5 view camera. The 4 × 5 size is great for post cards, so these were all made as contact prints, with any writing done by using an opaque marker on a transparent sheet.

NFTs are interesting in this situation because essentially what we have done is cut the art gallery out of the situation. Which makes sense, i suppose, that everything possible is moving online, even art/signatures.

Weirdly it does feel more official doing this. Like these images are somehow more real, because they have been signed on a blockchain that is relevant to currency.